Friday, September 24, 2010

Art journal – 24 Sept

I had so much fun creating today’s art journal entry. I’ve been anxiously waiting and working my way to this spread because I already had the idea of what I wanted to do on it. Well, mainly I knew I wanted to have an owl on this page. Here’s how it turned out:

Art journal - 24 Sep

And a close-up of the left side with the owl:

Closeup of owl & poem

Isn’t he just ADORABLE?! :) The background is a watercolor wash. I painted the tree and leaves on the top limb with acrylics. (The single fallen leaf at the base of the tree is a sticker.) I drew and painted the owl on watercolor paper (with watercolors) and traced him with a Micron graphics pen in sepia. Then I cut him out and pasted him onto his spot on the limb and did a final tracing around him with a white marker to make him stand out a little more from the background.

And finally, my ebay haul…a 7-volume set of Kipling antique books (for next to nothing!):

eBay haul

I’d like to start altering one later, and might use some of the papers for collage, too.

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