Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Art cleanup

This afternoon I spent some time going through a container of "stuff". I've been playing in art on my kitchen table and eventually I took over the entire table. I didn't intend for it to happen that way, it just did. But things were getting a tad out of control, so I decided to do a cleanup and sort through what I have out.

Because I started my Junque Journal, I've been trying to think about things I've saved that are just here and there and everywhere that I could store in my JJ. I discovered a HUGE amount of "stuff" at the bottom of the tub I went through. There were really old photos, cards, and other bits and pieces of my life I've saved over the years, like old cartoon strips. It's funny to see some of the stuff I collected, and I could tell by going through it what phase of my life I was in when I saved it. :)

I sorted through that stuff. Then I sorted through a ton of paper (scrapbook paper and magazine pages), fiber, stickers, etc. After I had all my piles, I grabbed a box of gallon-size zipper bags and labeled each bag accordingly, then inserted everything into the appropriate bags. I ended up putting the big pieces or scraps of paper into a manila folder and the smaller "bits" of paper scraps into a zipper bag. All of these bags fit back nicely into the tub they were originally in, only much neater. And now I have the advantage of knowing where everything is because it's all sorted. :)

I still have two or three tubs of scrapbook stuff under my bed, but I sorted through some of it last year so it's not nearly as overwhelming as the mess I had in this tub. I'm thinking I'll go through all of it one day, though, and maybe get it all contained into one big tub, instead of several different sized ones.

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