Tuesday, October 5, 2010


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Today's art journaling was simple and a nice end result. First I jotted down some thoughts: negative ones on the left side, positive on the right. I didn't like the negative thoughts, so I wanted to cover them up. I used my water soluble oil pastels and colored purple and teal shapes on the left, then smooshed them around on the page really good. Since my thoughts on the right side were more positive, I decided to create a sun and blue sky on that side. I used orange and yellow for the sun, then added some of the matching teal from the left side. As a final step, I squirted some white acrylic on both pages then used a credit card to spread the paint around. Voila!

Something I am beginning to learn about using a b&w composition notebook is that I think I like gluing two pages together. The first couple of weeks I didn't glue any pages together. I did a lot of watercolor backgrounds, which bled through when the colors were dark. The acrylic backgrounds were a little better b/c they gave the page more body, but when I used my Sharpies I got a lot of bleed-through. So unless I change my mind, I'm thinking I'll start gluing a couple of pages together from here on out because I do tend to use the Sharpies quite a bit.

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